Friday, September 17, 2010

Cedric's Very Sh-tty Magic Act

Posted On 9/17/2010
Cedric's Very Sh-tty Magic Act
You have to give it to Rhett...she was right when she said " I'll be fartin' up dust by the time we get a casino. " Damn right girl. We said it right in this blog.And the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe sat in the audience watching the very bad magic act performed by Cedric Cromwell and his cousin, Ta Ta, Needy Greedy and a band of damned fools who just do what they're told and pray the guys in the black suits don't show up and take them off to the joint. They're accompanied by the Fye's and yes, more Tobeys.. who dominate a government and are actually running the Tribe for the first time in it's history. That ain't worked out too well has it? They get paid to answer the phone that never rings and schedule junkets for and uneducated group of wannabes who are the dregs of the Tribe. Worst of all. These people...we checked and they are actually people, have by far preformed the worst job of hiding their illegal activity and failure to serve the Tribe They have made $10 million disappear right in front of your eyes and make no effort to hide it. Lawsuits to follow.
The people of the MWT have absolutely nothing to show for the incredible theft and debt. Just like the people in that little town in California ten times the size of the Tribe. There is one hell of a paper trail for the prosecutors to follow though. The buggers are still governed by federal and Massachusetts law. For once California has offered the world something that is usable...prosecution. No illusions there.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tribe obtains financing for new offices

Tribe obtains financing for new offices
Story from Cape Cod Times 9/16/10
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
It's the season -- for revolution!

Have you followed the news about the small city of Bell, California? They are the city of 40,000 west of LA with the big pay scandal. Bell, to give you an idea of the size, is just slightly less populous than the town of Barnstable. The city manager was getting $787,000 per year -- over $15,000 a week. The police chief and assistant city manager were getting equally ridiculous pay. This was in a city where the average citizen earns about $28,000 per year, and there is a high rate of poverty.

Naturally there was a revolt. People were angry and rightfully so. Those three are gone, and there will be investigations. What about us? Here we are a small tribe of about 2,000 souls, yet we have Tribal Council members giving themselves six figure salaries, for what? Governor Deval Patrick makes about $140,000, but he has a heck of a lot more responsibility than Cedric Cromwell or any of the others. Don't let them tell you that their salaries are confidential, or none of your business, you will eventually have to pay that money back -- at 15% interest.

We need our own taxpayer revolt, at the next election for sure, but also right now. Put pressure on the Council to come clean and to give the "transparency" that they were harping on when they were running for office. If they don't respond, demand their immediate resignations.
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